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An investor is one of the key people behind the establishment of a business entity those who will draw the lifeline of the business. The concept behind globalization is that the business entities go beyond the national boundaries and expanding their entities in other regions.

Nowadays, the United Arab Emirates, the land of gold inviting investors. And also, the land is considered to be in a booming stage for business entities for the establishment. Free held zones by the nation attract foreign investors to start investing and set up a business in the UAE. If you are an investor and interested to invest, UAE is the best platform. In order to make an investment decision in UAE, you only need a valid passport and visa.

The visa type should be Investor Visa. How we will get the investor visa?

An investor visa is a type of visa that allows the investor to stay in the country and can get involved in the investment and business setup. And also, they can exit from the nation. International investments involve a greater risk but it gives us higher ROI. The investor visa is issuing by the Ministry of UAE for a duration of 3 years. And this visa needs to get stamped by UAE Consulate.

The investor visa will provide temporary residents to the holder in the country. The investors can stay up to a maximum of 3 years. The visa will allow the holder to reside in the country and to work in the UAE. Unlike other visas, the investor visa doesn’t have any job offer. But, you have to show them, how to create your own business & how to invest in the UAE.

If an investor needs an investor Visa for Dubai, to get the visa, the investor would deposit AED 10,000 and also the Visa charges also. Once the visa is nearer to the expiry date, you have to renew the Visa to the next duration. If the investor feels like, the investment is not worth. He can opt for the cancellation of the investor visa.

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