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Abu Dhabi’s enormous Ferrari world currently beat a trio of finalists from Disney—consisting of parks in shanghai, Florida, and Paris—for the honor of global’s leading Theme Park at the 2019 international journey awards.

The park’s 37 rides and report-breaking roller coasters have been enough to win over citizens, who’re capable of weigh in on the entirety from the world’s great airline to the sector’s great beach inns. You’ll be thinking how a theme park primarily based on a brand whose merchandise may be afforded with the aid of so few human beings is a success, however, the numbers don’t lie: over a million people head to the park each year, everyone paying approximately $80 to get in. Past the truth that the entirety is painted purple and has a prancing horse on it, the Ferrari-themed Park has a few genuinely awesome hardware.

Its method Rossa attraction makes use of a hydraulic launch device to boost up its passengers from zero-a hundred and fifty miles according to an hour in below five seconds, making it the world’s fastest curler coaster. The maximum exceptional a part of the park is its cherry-red “roof,” that’s massive enough to cover an area the size of 28 football fields. It, too, has the Ferrari emblem emblazoned on it, but its size is what makes it so unique. It’s the arena’s biggest spaceframe structure and gives the park an implementing presence while regarded from the sky. Clearly, what else could you anticipate? Ferrari World has been in operation for nearly a complete decade now. Similarly to the standard outstanding-speedy coaster rides, the park gives using stories in Ferrari cars, f1-fashion driving challenges, and a VIP revel in that consists of karting classes and racing simulator movement.

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