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It’s a place that purchasers never need to wind up in, a ‘Postponed Handover’! You have marked, fixed yet not been given over your property on schedule.

  • Pick a designer that offer post-handover installment alternatives or installment as against development achievements.
  • Ensure that the property is an enlisted task with DLD (Dubai Land Department), and is RERA affirmed.
  • Affirm with the engineer that they have enlisted the property in the Interim Property Register through Oqood, a DLD administration that dials the enrollment of down arrangement properties so as to control and secure the premiums of financial specialists and purchasers.
  • At long last… do your examination! Visit the site, look at past undertakings by the designer, address different financial specialists, read conjectures lastly, just work with legitimate engineers and intermediaries.

Be that as it may, since opening up freehold zones, the Dubai Land Department has executed laws to help financial specialists who wind up without a key, on their handover date.

What should you do?

Have You Done Your Part?

Firstly, ensure that you have paid every single important charge that are expected by the handover date just as gave every one of the records you should.

– Go for a Site Visit

Discover the real fruition date. Contact the Dubai Land Department on a task update and meet with the engineer nearby to see the physical status of your property.

– Speak To Your Developer about a Solution

Make certain to talk with your developer in regards to what alternatives they offer. The choices accessible fluctuate between designers as well as inside individual advancements, so discover one that works for you.

– File a Claim

On the off chance that none of the choices from your designer are plausible or agreeable, contact a decent property attorney and record a case with the Dubai Court of First Instance.

– Check If It Is A RERA Cancelled Project

On account of improvement that has been authoritatively dropped by RERA, enactment is set up for financial specialists in the Executive Council Resolution No. (6) of 2010 (in accordance with Law No. (13) of 2008). As formalized in Decree No. (21) of 2013, dropped undertakings are under the transmit of the uniquely made legal boards of trustees, the Real Estate Cancelled Projects Committees (some portion of Dubai Courts) who handle the settlement of rights and liquidation in these cases. On the off chance that your venture has not yet been authoritatively dropped, financial specialists are urged to enquire with the council by means of email.

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